Kindergarten for 4-year-olds program (full-time)

As you may have heard in the news, the government will be allocating additional pre-kindergarten classrooms for schools across the province. For SWLSB, this announcement will result in 10 additional pre-kindergarten groups if all criteria from the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) are respected. Below is the list of schools that will offer a pre-kindergarten program for the 2019-2020 school year if there are sufficient registrations.

  • Arundel Elementary
  • Grenville Elementary
  • John F. Kennedy Elementary
  • Joliette Elementary
  • Jules Verne Elementary
  • Laurentian Elementary
  • Saint-Jude Elementary
  • Rawdon Elementary
  • Sainte-Adèle Elementary
  • Sainte-Agathe Academy
  • Souvenir Elementary

To register your child in pre-kindergarten for September 2019, please contact your zoned school listed above.

If you are interested in registering your child for pre-k, but your child's zoned school is not on this list, you may still contact your zoned school and give your name. Your name will be put on a waiting list in the event that the Ministry approves additional groups in other zoned schools.

Important information

  • To open a pre-k class in a school, there must be a minimum of 6 eligible students who also meet the MEES requirements.
  • Average class size is 14 students.
  • Maximum class size is 17 students.
  • Your child must be 4 years old before October 1, 2019. (no derogation possible)

Kindergarten for 4-year olds

The intent of the pre-kindergarten program is to provide children and their families with the opportunity to learn about school culture and establish from the onset a positive, healthy relationship with the school community. It is mainly by having children experience success as early as preschool that the school plays a positive role in their developmental progress.

The program focuses on the development of the whole child. Children in the program learn through a play-based environment; whether it is initiated by themselves or by an adult. Five competencies are targeted:

  • Physical and motor development.
  • Emotional development.
  • Social development.
  • Oral language and literacy development.
  • Cognitive development and numeracy.

Each competency is recognized as having equal importance. As children enter this program, it is understood that each child's learning background is unique depending on what was acquired at home plus the range of skills they have obtained. As a result, the aim of the program is to build on the child's strengths by providing the child with rich, age-appropriate learning experiences.

Pre-school Education Program

Do not hesitate to contact your zoned school should you have any further questions.