Admission and Registration

NEW REGISTRATIONS: You must make an appointment with your zoned school to register your child for school.

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  1. Registration period for NEW students (January 25 to February 26, 2021)
  2. Re-Registration period for current students (January 25 to January 29, 2021)
  3. Age related admission criteria (Derogation)
  4. Eligibility (Bill 101) criteria
  5. Out of Zone Requests
  6. Interboard agreements
  7. Enrolment Criteria
  8. Kindergarten Derogation Documents
  1. Registration period for new students (Begins January 25, 2021)

    Parents must call their zoned school to make an appointment for registration. It is important that you have all required documents with you at the time of registration.

    Required documents
    • The child's original long version birth certificate bearing parents' names
    • A proof of parents' Canadian citizenship
    • Two Québec proof of residency (ex. Tax receipt, any utility bill, etc.)
    • Child's last report card if attended a school the previous year
    • Application for Certificate of Eligibility to English education will be filled out at the school during your appointment
    • Some schools may require other documents

    To register for pre-kindergarten, your child must be 4 years of age by September 30.
    To register for kindergarten, your child must be 5 years of age by September 30.

    Note: At the time of registration, you will be asked to complete the Taxation choice form and return it to the school board before April 1.

    Click here to open the Tax Choice Form

  2. Re-registration period for current students (Begins January 25, 2021)

    Parents will receive the 2021-2022 re-registration link the week prior. Any modification to the re-registration form must be accompanied by proof and related documents.

    MOZAÏK Parent Portal for re-registration

  3. To consult the Age Related Admission Criteria (Derogation), please click here.

  4. Eligibility (Bill 101) criteria

    Your children could be eligible for English education! The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board can facilitate that process and help you to determine if your children are eligible to attend an English school.

    Did you know that a child is eligible if:
    • The mother or father is a Canadian citizen who has received the major part of his/her primary school instruction in English in Canada;
    • The grandfather or grandmother is a Canadian citizen who has received the major part of his/her primary school instruction in English in Canada;
    • The mother or father is a Canadian citizen and their child has received or is receiving primary or secondary instruction in English in Canada and that such education is a major part of his/her education; the siblings of such a child are also eligible for English instruction;
    • A child has severe learning disabilities and instruction in English can facilitate the learning process;
    Please Remember
    • Only students who are eligible for English instruction can attend a Sir Wilfrid Laurier school.
    • Students may not attend any Sir Wilfrid Laurier school until they have been confirmed eligible or obtained provisional acceptance for English instruction.
    • Students with an Eligibility Certificate for a temporary stay must be renewed prior to expiration.
  5. Out-of-Zone Requests

    Parents may choose to send their child(ren) to an out-of-zone school knowing that this is an annual process and that transportation is their responsibility. The parent must register at their zoned school and complete a registration form as well as an out-of-zone request.
    Click here for the Out of Zone request form
    Out-of-zone students will be considered as per the enrolment priority order as well as school capacity and space available in grade level as determined by the school board. Students who have been refused admission to a requested out-of-zone school will be registered at their attendance zoned school.

  6. Interboard agreements

    For 2021-2022, the forms will be available April 1, 2021.

    Students who reside outside the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board territory
    • It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to request an Interboard Agreement from the school board which has jurisdiction over their child.
    • A request for an "Agreement" will only be considered when the form is completed in full by the School Board in question and if a reasonable explanation for the request is provided to our School Board.
    • The "Agreement" is valid once approved by both school boards and is good for one year only. A request for renewal must be made annually
    • The 2020-2021 Interboard Agreement document is available as a printable form and as a fillable form.

  7. To consult the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board Enrolment Criteria Policy, please click here.

  8. Kindergarten Derogation Documents

    Request for a Derogation
    Letter for the Professional Assessing the Student
    Request for Derogation Form
    Daycare Checklist Form
    Consent for information form